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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre

Foundation waterproofing

Application of bituminous membranes in foundations provides protection from the harmful effects of surface and groundwater which destroy the structure and causes leaks. This type of waterproofing can be accomplished with bitumen or synthetic membrane.



Bituminous waterproofing of foundations is laid in two layers /for best reliability/ depending on the level and pressure of groundwater. The technological development of bitumen leadsto the emergence of different types of materials and compositions of the bitume underpinnings as well as significantly improves their performance. Bituminous membranes have a relatively high resistance to high and low temperatures. A minus for bituminous membraneс is their dependence on weather conditions during application – they have to be applied only on dry surfaces.


Synthetic PVC waterproofing membranes are a new generation of waterproofing membranes with more advantages than bitumen membranes. Synthetics are widely used in waterproofing systems for civil, industrial and infrastructural constructions, also for the construction of new facilities and for the repairs of existing constructions and buildings. Synthetic’s technology in foundations, quick installation and excellent mechanical properties express their high persistence in temporal aspect. Synthetic membrane is laid on concrete base. Sails overlap as splice is welded with hot air after mechanical fixing with special welding machines and separating layer of geotextile. Typical for synthetic membranes is their resistance to moisture, their high elasticity, resistance to the washout effect of water and drilling of roots, high performance because they withstand high and low temperatures.



Georgievi Brothers Ltd. is specialized with a lot of experience in the application of these films directly on piles or diaphragm walls. Thus can be saved a significant amount of means for countervailing concrete and reinforcement.