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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre

Future projects

Georgievi Brothers Ltd.has developed a new activity – tiling of pools with PVC foil. This version of the tiling of pools is the cost - effective alternative to ceramic tiling. The customer receives a higher quality of the insulation of the pool at а better price compared to ceramic tiling. The film which Georgievi Brothers Ltd. uses is a synthetic PVC membrane reinforced with polyester fibers. It is used for isolation of new pools or remediation of compromised beds of pools. The membrane is available in a diverse range of colors, even imitating the well-known ceramic tiles for pools. This membrane is resistant to all bacteria, algae, spores and microorganisms present in the water of the swimming pool. The tining of your pool with this type of membrane is a wonderful solution - clean and elegant look combined with high endurance of the material!

The other new company's activities include the introduction and use of geomembranes EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Dien Monomer).This membrane has primary all the qualities that are needed for a waterproofing product - it is waterproof, highly resistant to UV radiation and ozone, resistant to very high and very low temperatures, resistant to acid rain, water vapor permeable and incredibly flexible! These membranes are available  for exterior use, they are also inert to the effects of the environment, widely applied in hte industry and the Home&Garden business. They are harmless to flora and fauna in the basin in which they are mounted. EPDM membrane is heavy duty - her life lasts up to 50 years without changing the chemical and mechanical properties of the surface. It can be installed with seams and joins at air temperature below freezing.

The membrane has wide application: garden and decorative ponds; lakes; golf courses; swimming ponds; in agriculture  - for ponds and canals; in the industry – for tanks, reservoirs and groundwater, for covers for landfills, lagoons, for livestock farms, roof waterproofing, roof gardens.