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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre

Geomembranes for landfills and lagoons

Geomembranes are manufactured from high quality high density polyethylene - HDPE by the method of extrusion - calendering. These membranes are used for building of the insulation layer of landfills and lagoons.


Geomembranes contain materials which are stable in time. This product provides a water resistance bottom of trenches and landfills, prevents penetration of rainwater, provides environmental protection from chemicals, it isusedto isolate water tanks, ponds, lagoons from rainwater.

Geomembranes prevent the undermining of the structure of water and chemicals as well as filtration of dams, ponds, irrigation and drainage canals.


Geomembrane is an easy and convenient waterproofing material that can be used even at low temperatures because is highly resistant to puncture and cracking.

The client receives a guarantee for the quality andthelong lifeof the material!