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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre

Georgievi Brothers Ltd. has patented its latest brand – Black Sea Waterproofing Centre Varna

In 2014 Georgievi Brothers Ltd. took another step ahead of its development by registering a new brand – BLACK SEA WATERPROOFING CENTRE VARNA at Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. “Georgievi Brothers” is the name under which our company was established, started its activities exists over 14 years already!


The idea for creating a center for waterproofing was inspired by our desire to provide adequate customer service regarding waterproofing and thermal insulation of roofs, foundations of buildings, terraces garden terraces, balconies, tunnels, car parks and underground car parks, ponds, landfills, lagoons. Georgievi Brothers Ltd. is the first company in Bulgaria to establish such center for waterproofing!


From our Black Sea waterproofing Centre you can purchase all the necessary waterproofing products which to lay yourself or either use the services of your trained and certified personnel for the implementation of bituminous and synthetic PVC and TPO waterproofing membranes and roofing accessories.


The center also offers technical support and programs for maintenance of roofs. These programs are specially designed to be in favor of the client - after signing a contract with our company for the installation of the waterproofing system, there is a special clause that includes warranty and post warranty maintenance of the roof covering. This means that for a certain period of time stipulated in the contract, our technicians and specialists will conduct periodic inspections of the condition of the roof covering. An obligatory condition is that the access to the roof must be controlled by the owner /manager of the building and not to be allowed a third party to perform any activities leading to default of the roof covering.