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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre


Georgievi Brothers Ltd. was founded in 2000 with main activity - roof and foundation waterproofing.


The company specializes in the application of synthetic and bitumen waterproofing, underlayment membranes, shingles, roofwindows and loft ladders, gutters, down pipes and metal knees to them, injection technologies for stopping leaks, thermal insulation systems and ice and snow melting systems.


In 2006 Georgievi Brothers Ltd. introduced a system of quality management ISO 9001: 2000 (Cert.No. QS-3815 HH) for overall performance and aligned with the new requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The company has all the necessary documentation on European and national levels of welders, plastics and roofing foils, including Approval Test Certificate EN 13067: Plastics Welding Personnel-Qualification Testing of Welders - Thermoplastics Welded Assemblies - CERT №. EPW/BG/002.


In 2007 the company introduced the use of synthetic membranes for roofs and foundations.


Two years later the company implemented an innovative injection technology to stop the leaks in buildings, filling cracks, power structures, restoration of damaged insulation.


In 2013 the company created the first center for waterproofing in Bulgaria - Black Sea Waterproofing Center. With the establishment of this center we implemented our idea to provide each client and partner with quality waterproofing materials clearly, their technical characteristics, price and last but not least - to give them advice on what should be done in order to build a reliable waterproofing system! Every client may choose from just buying waterproofing materials or to entrust everything to our specialists because the center also offers installation service by our trained staff with the appropriate guarantee. In the center you canalsotake advantage from ourtechnical support of roofs service -  this means that after signing a contractfor the installation of the waterproofing system, there is a special clause that includes warranty and post warranty maintenance of the roof covering . This means that for a certain period of time stipulated in the contract, our technicians and specialists will conduct periodic inspections of the condition of the roof covering. Sine qua non is that access to the roof must be controlled by the owner /manager of the building and not to be allowed a third party to perform any activities leading to default the roof covering .


In 2014 Georgievi Brothers Ltd. starts to offer for the first time on the Bulgarian market MULTIPLAN's quality waterproofing PVC and TPO membranes for direct sales or with installation service and warranty.


Also in 2014 the company developed another new activity - delivery and installation of ice and snow melting systems DEVI.


Since 2015 the Company is an official representative for Bulgaria of the American manufacturer ROYAL Adhesives and Sealants. We offer to the Bulgarian market the innovative Interl-Locking Flashing System Lockin' Pocket that is designed to seal chalenging roof penetrations where field flashing may not be practical, the universal Millennium adhesives and sealants and the multifunctional ETERNABOND self-adhesive tapes. 


The Company’s policy consists of our desire to continuously improve and respond adequately to the desires of our clients. And this is the main reason to create our Black Sea Waterproofing Center. This is where the Company’s training center is situated and where our employees had been trained and still continue to train and self train. 100% professionals!