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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre

Injection technologies

During construction or operation of all types of buildings may appear leaks and cracks. Injection methods are often the only solution to the problem. They can avoid further damage to the foundations and other important structures in buildings.


Isolation of large areas in existing buildings and facilities without waterproofing membrane, with compromised one or sealing of expansion joints isoften a complex process. The alternative solution in such cases is the use of the so-called injection products. By drilling holes in the structure can be reached the opposite bank where it is injected hidrostructural resin that forms the elastic waterproofing membrane.


Injection technologies are used for waterproofing of buildings and facilities to stop the leaks by injecting an elastomer resins in cracked concrete structures or foundations of buildings (such as garages, basements) in compromised membranes or in the absence of waterproofing membranes in the  foundations.

Injection technologies ensure a reliable sealing andthusare also are saving you money!