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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre

Nature protection

To protect the environment is a mission of our society and affects all of us - together as citizens of a country with vast and beautiful landscapes, and separately as individual attitude, responsibility and understanding about the importance of nature and its resources helps us in our daily lives. The increased urbanization and the spread of infrastructures, over-exploitation of natural resources, pollution in all its forms, the introduction of exotic species in our ecosystems - all these factors are highly damaging biodiversity. As a result 42% of mammals, 15 % of birds and 52 % of freshwater fish in Europe are threatened. In addition about 1,000 plant species are seriously endangered or on the verge to completely disappear.


Georgiev Brothers Ltd. is committed to the preservation of nature on our planet! We join ecologists, environmentalists, European Union’s policy to preserve the environment and nature!

Rehabilitation of buildings - roofs in particular and the creation of passive houses lies in our work. That is why our company is trying to work with innovative materials, in addition to reliable and high quality and materials that are in harmony with nature and the environment.


Synthetic membranes that we are applying are an ecological product because of the manner of installation by welding with hot air. Such waterproofing materials are geomembranes, manufactured from high quality high density polyethylene – HDPE by extrusion process - calendering. These membranes are used for building the insulation layer of landfills and lagoons.


Geomembranes comprise materials which are stable in time. This product provides watertight on the  bottom, prevents penetration of rainwater, provides environmental protection from chemicals used to isolate water tanks, ponds, lagoons.Geomembranes prevent the undermining of the structure of water and chemicals and seepage in dams, ponds, irrigation and drainage canals.

This is our humble contribution to the common idea to save the planet!