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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre

Presentation of ETERNABOND tape and the universal adhesives and sealants of the american manufactirer ROYAL Adhesives and Sealants!

On October 1st (Thursday) Mr. Angel Georgiev - Manager of Georgievi Brothers Ltd. made a presentation of ROYAL Adhesives and Sealant's universal adhesives and sealants and ETERNABOND tapes that our company offers.


Georgievi Brothers Ltd. is ROYAL's official representative for Bulgaria and we were very pleased to present to our colleagues, partners and clients the innovative products for sealing roof penetrations and installation of the Lockin' Pocket system. The products also provide speed and efficiency when repairing cracks, splits, holes and other membrane deffects that may occur on already laid membrane.


The presentation took place at Vas Pro Ltd. where our colleagues had the chance to visually see how the Flashing system - Lockin' Pocket, the Millennium adhesives and the EternaBond tapes actually work.