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Roof thermal insulation systems

Thermal insulation systems provided by Georgievi Brothers Ltd. are the means to achieve maximum effect with thermal insulation on your roof. The system keeps your home cool in summer and warm in the cold winter nights. The use of thermal insulationis an investment that pays in a short period of time through saving energy required for the heating of the building.


Georgievi Brothers Ltd. offers ROCKWOOL’s stone wool which has a different thickness and density, allowing the retention of heat in the home. Insulation boards help reduce harmful noise, this mineral (rock) wool is made of 100% natural and normal access material - volcanic scale. One of the most important differences between stone wool and other types of thermal insulation is that rock wool’s threads are non-flammable and resistant to more than 1 000 °C without being melted. The insulation of glass wool begins to melt at lower temperatures (about 600 ° C). Excellent parameters of this material may be summarized as - fire resistance, thermal insulation, sound absorption and environmental material.



We also offer STYROFOAM - the first insulation material of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) in the world. This material has a number of excellent features: high heat insulation properties constant over time,it doesn’t absorbs moisture, lack of capillarity, successfully protects the building from the outside weather conditions, retains its size, resistant to mechanical damage, has a proven service of 50 years life, environmentally friendly products which does not emit harmful substances to people, STYROFOAM does not crumble.

Georgievi Brothers Ltd. offers special solutions for thermal insulation of roofs according to its definite construction.