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Black Sea
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Roof water drainage systems

Georgievi Brothers Ltd. is the first company in Bulgaria to implement the technology of roof water drainage systems by an american technological line for production of seamless metal gutters, down pipes and accessories. What distincts this system is the ability to pull the gutters directly to the construction site as the machine for drawing gutters works with sheet metal rolled with thickness of 0.5-0.6 mm and it can be mobile. So there are no joints needed so as fastenings along the eaves – on the entire length we have a complete seamless gutter. This is the main advantage of seamless gutters - 99 % of the cases of leaks in conventional metal gutters are because of the joints. Removal of joints in metal guttering also means elimination of corrosion problems that exist in standard galvanized gutters and also ensures a reliable water drainage with a minimum slope.


Their profilecalled "K - Style" is designed to ensure a reliable drainage and the gutter itself fits into the overall architecture of the building.

We offer a wide selection of colors of gutters because the use of galvanized steel with factory-applied color in RAL.


Guttersare compatible with classic and bitumen shingles, with metal sandwich panels and all other types of roofing. All products can be made of galvanized steel, galvanized steel with polyester coating (colors RAL), copper sheet, aluminum sheet with color coating.


The use ofseamless metal gutters guarantees a significant increase in the life and safety of the water draining system!

Down pipes can be made from the same type of sheet metal as gutters, with rectangular or circular profile of a certain diameter.