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Roof windows and loft ladders

Georgievi Brothers Ltd. Offers FAKRO roof windows which provide reliability and comfort. FAKRO roof windows are a modern ecological product that is produced by the latest technology in various models, types and sizes. Depending on the slope of the roof on which those windows are installed, they provide up to 50% better natural lighting compared to other similar roof windows.


The accessories to those windows include blinds and their mechanisms. Mainly they are divided into decorative and functional accessories, inside and outside and include Venetian blinds - aluminum plates with variable angle to the plane of the window; textile roller blinds in a wide range of colors; textile roller blind with aluminum drivers; inner curtain of pleated textile material; mosquito nets AMS.


In thelower price range, but with a compelling performance FAKRO created a separate brand called OptiLight which is a good alternative to the higher price range of roof windows FAKRO. OptiLight possesses glazed surface which provides a greater amount of natural light in the room. This model has a low-emission unicameral glass with good sound insulation properties.


We also offer foldin gloft ladders FAKRO made ​​from soft wood or metal and multi-fireproof loft ladder providing easy and safe access to the attic and saving maximum space in your home. Completed with insulated lid and metal handle loft ladders FAKRO meet all technical requirements for safety, have a compact structure installed easily and quickly and can be adjusted to the height of the room.


Like OptiLight we also offer lower cost loft ladders- OptiStep.OptiStep is a new product on the market of folding loft ladders, which combines high functionality and durability at a reasonable price.