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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre


Black Sea Waterproofing Centre

This is the first waterproofing center in Bulgaria designed to be in favor of the client!



Here you willget all the necessary information about the overall decisions on drainage and waterproofing of your roof, foundations of buildings, terrace.


Georgievi BrothersLtd. has created the Black Sea Waterproofing Center in 2013 in order to meet the needs of each client. By creating this center we have implemented our idea to provide each client and partner with quality waterproofing materials clearly, their technical characteristics, price and last but not least - to give advice on what steps should be taken in order to build a reliable waterproofing system!


Here you can find or just buy waterproofing materials  or use the services of our specialists with our company’s warranty for the installation. In the center you canfind a wide range of waterproofing materials of approved manufacturers. These include bituminous membranes and synthetic membranes, american seamless metal gutters, down pipesand knees to them,roof windows and loft ladders, ice and snow melting systems.


Here you can find out about our promotional offers for the prices of all materials.


The center also offers technical support and programs of maintenance of roofs. These programs are specially designed to be in favor of the client - after signing a contract for the installation of the waterproofing system, there is a special clause that includes warranty and post warranty maintenance of the roof covering. This means that for a certain period of time stipulated in the contract, our technicians and specialists will conduct periodic inspections of the condition of the roof covering. An obligatory condition is that the access to the roof must be controlled by the owner /manager of the building and not to be allowed a third party to perform any activities leading to default of the roof covering.


Here is also situated the company’s training center where our employees had been trained and still continue to train and self train. 100% professionals!


Individual approach to every client is leading for us!


Welcome to Black Sea Waterproofing Center !

Address: Varna, West industrial zone, 33 Usta Kolio Ficheto str.

Tel: +359 5250 57 57, fax: +359 52/50 60 80;

Моbile: +359 885333 385, +359 886 004121.