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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre


Georgievi Brothers Ltd. offers installation and sells IKO and Izola Petrov shingles at affordable prices.

Shingles are the most wind-resistant waterproof coating for roofs. They are a band waterproofing material produced on the base of bitumen modified with APP (atactic polypropylene polymers) of glass-fiber.



We offer a wide variety of types, shapes and colors of shingles. You can see samples in our Black Sea Waterproofing Center and inquire about our prices and promotional offers.


Shingles have excellent quality characteristics:

-          They are resistant toall weather conditions - snow, heavy rain, windy areas, sudden temperature changes;

-          Noise insulating- unlike for example metal roofs or roofs with ceramic coating (tiles), shingles are quiet in the rain or wind, but they also furtherdampen sound;

-          Their flexibilityand chemical composition facilitate their installation and allow the implementation of complex parts of the roof;

-          Another advantageof shingles is the less chanceof condensation in your home compared to other types of roofing. Very often the condensation is the cause of roof leaks and violation of plaster on walls and ceilings of rooms. Shingles are a material that is not only durable over time, but that represents a reliable investment for you.



Georgievi Brothers Ltd. also offers IKO’s roofshingles system called "shield" which has extremely high strength on wind speeds of 220 km/h in roof slope of 10°.

In recent years,shingles are necessary as a modern and reliable product for every type of pitched roof!