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Black Sea
Waterproofing Centre

Synthetic membranes for pools and artificial lakes

Georgievi Brothers Ltd. provides the supply and installation of synthetic membranes of proven industry leaders in the production of waterproofing systems. These membranes are applied for waterproofing of foundations of buildings and flat roofs.


Synthetic PVC waterproofing membranes are widely used in waterproofing systems for civil, industrial and infrastructural constructions, also for the construction of new facilities and for the repairs of existing ones. Synthetic waterproofing of foundations characterizes by its technology and easy installation, excellent mechanical properties which express their high persistence in temporal aspect.


Synthetic membrane is laid on concrete base, canvases overlap as the splice weldswith hot air after mechanical fixing withaspecial welding machine. For separating layer is used geotextile. Typical for synthetic membranes is their resistance to moisture, their high elasticity, resistance to the washout effect of water and drilling of roots, high performance – the membrane withstands to high and low temperatures.


Synthetic waterproofing membranes for flat roofs - PVC and TPO have a very good mechanical properties - high temperature and wind resistance, UV protection and resistance to aging. The technology of production is based on co - exstruction as waterproofing membranes can be homogenous, reinforced with polypropylene (PP) network or stabilized with glass fiber. It is possible for those membranes to be combined with geotextile which makes them suitable for application by fully gluing or usingthemas insulation on chemically incompatible materials. These membranes are used in waterproofing of roofs, green roofs, waterproofing of underground structures such as building foundations on piles, diaphragm walls, tunnels, waterproofing of dams, reservoirs and canals, as well as waterproofing of swimming pools. Synthetic membranes may be laid on rough and uneven surfaces with the appropriate layer of geotextile which serves as a protective or separating layer.


 According to their purpose the systems that have been developed for the installation of synthetic membranesare: freely made, welded with hot gas, joints made​​by ballasted system, mechanically fixed and fully bonded to the substrate.


Synthetic and EPDM membranes must be applied ​​by certified and trained personnel and installed with specialized equipment. Georgievi Brothers Ltd. has a team of professionals with extensive practical and theoretical experience gained through the years duly certified to guarantee the quality of the work.That is why we offer them with delivery and installation with our company’s guarantees.

Synthetic membranes are also recyclable - they are absolutely harmless to the atmosphere due to their low-energy installation method by welding them with hot air.